1) Data basis: R&D expenditure of the federal government in millions of euros (source: special evaluation of the BMBF, see Table 1.2.1). Annual average of the population based on the 2011 census, as of August 2022/February 2023 (source: Working group "Regional Accounts", "Reihe 1, Länderergebnisse Band 1"). The regional breakdown of federal R&D expenditure is based (in most cases) on the main locations of the R&D-performing institutions concerned. In the case of jointly funded research by the Federal Government and the Länder, and in compliance with their agreement on research funding, R&D expenditure has been broken down in accordance with the requirements of the funded institutions. R&D expenditure of the Federal institutions with research and development tasks has been broken down in accordance with the locations of the institutions' headquarters and main branch offices (i.e. offices that are virtually institutions in their own right). The regional breakdown does not reflect the regional impacts of sub-contracts in which funding has been transferred across Länder boundaries. Possible deviations from earlier publications due to subsequent changes in the allocation to R&D or subsequent changes in the allocation to the federal Länder are possible.
2) 2009 to 2011, R&D expenditure includes investment and redemption fund excluding allocations to the Länder (economic stimulus package  Konjunkturpaket II). As from 2011, including "Energy and climate fund". 2016, including future investments.
3) Does not include project funding that was channelled to the new Länder (including Berlin) via a recipient in western Germany (not including Berlin).

Last update: November 14, 2023

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