1) Financial statement (funder), excluding payment transactions between federal, Länder and local governments (final funds). Data defined due to concept 2012. Possible rounding differences.
2) ISCED = International Standard Classification of Education 2011.
3) Crèches, kindergartens, pre-school classes, school kindergartens.
4) Excluding trade and technical schools, specialised academies and vocational academies; including schools for nurses, midwives etc.
5) Expenditure on company-based, extra-company and inter-company training under the dual system including training grants by the Federal Employment Agency, and the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.
6) Excluding expenditure on patient treatment, including expenditure on trade and technical schools, specialised academies, vocational academies, R&D at higher education institutions, and the student services.
7) Expenditure can not be related to particular ISCED levels (including the estimated expenditure on training for civil servants, services of the public administration, and teacher training courses).
8) Estimate of the costs of continuing vocational training provided by companies (excluding staff costs of participants) based on the results of the continuing vocational training survey (CVTS). The number of employees excluding apprentices is multiplied by the average continuing training cost per employee by branch and company size. No adjustment for possible double countings at external training programmes (e.g. at institutions of higher education).
9) Payments from the Federal Employment Agency to participants in continuing vocational education. It is not possible to eliminate cases (dual system, continuing education) where grants may have been included twice.

Last update: January 2, 2016

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