1) Until 2003, data was collected within the project Berichtsystem Weiterbildung (BSW). For the year 2007 data was collected according to the BSW concept as well as to the Adult Education Survey (AES) concept; the table includes the results of both concepts. As of 2010, data are collected according to AES concept only. For further information see source.
2) Until 2007 (BSW concept) including Berlin-West; as of AES 2007 excluding Berlin.
3) Until 2007 (BSW concept) including Berlin-East; as of AES 2007 including Berlin.
4) Basis until 2007: persons aged 19 to 64. Basis as of 2010: persons aged 18 to 64. Quite uncertain extrapolated data for the year 2014 because of low case numbers (see source).

- = no figures or magnitude zero.

Last update: April 10, 2024

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