Preliminary Notes

Excellent education, qualification, science and research are prerequisites for the present and future success of Germany in the international competition.

Education and qualification are the key to social participation and integration of each and every one© thinkstock

A country’s prosperity depends above all on knowledge, for knowledge is the foundation of new ideas and better solutions and thus also for sustainable growth. Excellent education, science and research provide the sources for gaining new knowledge and success in international competition.

Because of their enormous importance for Germany, the Federal Government has consistently invested in and increased spending on education, science and research. The Federal Government’s investment in education increased by approximately 33 percent to a planned 10.8 billion euros just in the period 2014-2019 alone. Federal expenditure on research and development in the same period rose by approximately 5.4 billion euros, or around 38 percent, to reach a planned 19.6 billion euros in 2019.

These are measures which have proved worthwhile. Young people in Germany have better prospects than in any other European country. Germany is one of the leading countries for innovation in Europe and the world. But we want to achieve even more than that. The High-Tech Strategy 2025 was adopted by the Federal Government to drive research and put new ideas into practice. A central goal of the High-Tech Strategy 2025 is putting knowledge into effect. In this context, the Federal Government has agreed a target of investing 3.5 percent of GDP on research and development by 2025 together with industry.

An important point in this is to address education and innovation policy as one, because digitalization is changing society and the world of work for every one of us. Education and continuing education are the key to understanding and working with new technologies and business models throughout our lives. High-quality education is thus crucial for our future needs.

Education and research statistics provide the basis for policy action. Citizens need to be capable of forming soundly based opinions so that they can participate in public debate. The publication “Education and Research in Figures” provides an overview of key data on education and research. This data portal also makes it possible to display more detailed data with long time series.

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